“I sometimes feel my best creations are when I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable. When I begin to think less and feel more. Going with my instincts.
I flit. I jump feet in. I endure, I embrace. I try not to fight with myself.
Collaboration is liberating as it immediately takes me out of my comfort zone and into a joint space where we can play and focus on creating something together.
I am interested in everything. No subject is off limits. I dive into everything with all my heart and energies.
I always try to find a new way of looking at an idea and always strive to make my videos memorable be that through shot selection, lighting, framing, blocking or choice of camera, lens or equipment.
I question everything and assume nothing.
I play the guitar and drums and write music.
For me making the perfect Music Video is when the music, lyrical intent, story, visuals and performance blend in a perfect mix.”
Mathew Hamilton Green